The Research Centre

The Research Centre was established at the beginning of the 2013/2014 academic year, with assistant professor Mate Buntić appointed head of the Centre. The aim of the Centre is to achieve multiple and long-term goals and effects, not only at the Faculty and the University, but also in society in general; to strengthen the research approach to reality overall, first of all to the cultural, national, social and political reality. Furthermore, the Centre wishes to strengthen the possibility for the implementation of national and international projects, and is thus open to cooperation with the entire University, as well as with other institutions - scientific, political, religious or other. Its benefits and advantages can be used by students in undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate study programmes for their scientific and research work.

The initial stage of the Research Centre saw the establishment and release of the Call Centre. The Call Centre, through a network of computers, telephone lines and programmes, can process a large amount of data in a very short time, saving time and money. Thirty operators, who are students of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, have been trained to work in the Call Centre.

The research Centre has conducted several research projects, the most important of which are the research project on the political position of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the research project on the demonstrations in Bosnia and Herzegovina which culminated in February 2014.