Student Web Portal



The student web portal of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Mostar,, was established in March 2015. The web portal offers the students of journalism at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences the opportunity to acquire the needed practical knowledge and skills in order to be more competitive on the labour market, as well as to justify their job as journalists. The web portal is also open for collaboration with students from other departments and faculties who want to approach the world from their own perspective by examining contemporary topics and analysing social practices which they find surprising and who are able to offer solutions to everyday problems. "Let the third side be heard!" is this web portal's slogan which implies an independent and objective side which will show the world as seen from the students’ perspective. In journalism, the term "third side" depicts an independent observer, an expert in the conflict between two sides.

The web portal provides practical work for second- and third-year undergraduate students and for first- and second-year graduate students. Along with the theoretical knowledge acquired during the course of the studies, the practical work and perfecting published papers in different journalistic genres in a convergent redaction add more weight to the journalist's degree, which will result in faster employment of students who graduate in Journalism at the University of Mostar. This type of practice enables the development of media writing skills for the students of all faculties and departments in order to perfect the language of their profession and to examine the topics which are interesting to them.

The permanent redaction is comprised of approximately 20 students and the emphasis is on student-based topics and problems, but also positive stories. The most read column is "Kampus (Campus)" which examines student-based topics and which follows most events taking place at the University of Mostar. That is exactly what distinguishes from other web portals in the area of Mostar and Herzegovina.