The Student Union is the highest student representative body at the University of Mostar. It was founded by the Administrative Council and the Senate of the University of Mostar in 2000, when the Code of Practice, the fundamental Union act, was adopted and the first student elections were held. The Student Union’s aim is to protect student rights and to promote their interests at both Faculty and University level. It is the only body with the legitimacy to represent all the students of the University to which it belongs.

It is the task of the student representatives in the Faculty Council, in the Faculty Quality Assurance Board and other bodies, to bring forth student proposals and opinions, represent their interests, improve the quality of studying and to continuously endeavour to improve the student standard and protect their rights. They also represent student interests in communications with all governing bodies and various local and international institutions which are significant for students.

The Presidency of the Student Union of The Faculty of Humanities and Arts consists of a president, vice-president, representatives for each year and their deputies.

The current Presidency of the Student Union of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences for the 2016/2017 academic year consists of:

President: Boris Blažević

Vice President: Tonina Ibrulj

First-year undergraduate representative: Filip Blažević (deputy: Josip Vasilj)

Second-year undergraduate representative: Vladimir Vegar (Deputy: Ivona Šteko)

Third-year undergraduate representative: Mirna Ševo (Deputy: Marijan Tustonja)

First-year graduate representative: Ana Zelenika (Deputy: Josip Mijatović)

Second-year graduate representative: Tonina Ibrulj (Deputy: Boris Blažević)


Students can keep up with the Union’s announcements and activities on their Facebook page: