The Economic and Organisational Affairs Support Service

The Economic and Organisational Affairs Support Service provides three different categories of services:

Economic Affairs (petty cash transactions, maintains travel warrant records and payments, small material costs, public procurement, procurement and record of goods and services which do not fall under the public procurement category).

Organisational Affairs (organisation of special events such as conferences, debates, visits of public officials, receptions, organisation of official travels abroad and the organisation of travels to the affiliated Faculty branches in Orašje and Brčko).

Technical Affairs (coordination of the cleaning staff, reception staff, janitors and the management of movable and immovable property).

The Economic Affairs Service category administers petty cash transactions (small payments for supplies and other petty payments) and records and calculates travel expenses. The service also conducts the procedures for the public procurement of goods, services and proceedings in accordance with current legislation. Since the Faculty is a large system, public payment procedures take much time and professional specialisation. Furthermore, the service proposes a public procurement plan to the Faculty Council for a financial year.

The task of the Economic and Organisational Affairs Support Service of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Mostar is to maintain the premises. This includes opening and closing the building, ensuring order, building maintenance and knowledge of the other administrative staff´s security procedures. The service is also responsible for technical organisation and preparation of the auditoriums when very important guests visit or a conference is to be held. The service also takes care of the Faculty's car pool, organises and conducts transportation to the affiliated branches or to other destinations if necessary.

Manager: Damir Vasilj.

Contact details: 036/355-501