Philosophy Students‘ Association
“Sophos,” the Philosophy Students’ Association was founded at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Mostar on November 5, 2014. The goal of the Association is to bring philosophy closer to all students of the Faculty, awakening their desire for independent study of philosophical problems and texts in order to develop their critical judgment, as well as to enable further education and personal development for those students who have expressed interest in academic philosophy. The Association is open not only to philosophy students, but to all students at the Faculty who want to learn and work on themselves.
The current leadership of the Association:
President: Žan Škegro
Secretary: Klara Mršo
E-mail contact:
Franjo Miličević, the Croatian Students’ Club
The Croatian Students’ Club ''Franjo Miličević'' was established at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Mostar in November 2015 on the initiative of Croatian language and literature students. The reasons for and the objectives of its establishment are numerous, but the most important are the following: to connect students of Croatian language and literature through active work and participation in activities related to their future profession; to preserve our Croatian heritage which has expanded and whose importance is emphasized through their efforts to awaken awareness of preserving and nurturing the mother tongue. The club consists of approximately 20 active members, and the Club is currently led by the president Viktorija Kolak, the fifth-year double-major student of Croatian Language and Literature, Ivan Volić, the second-year double-major student of Croatian Language and Literature and the vice-president Ružica Juričević, the first-year single major student of Croatian Language and Literature, who is also the secretary of the Club.
One of the Club’s first activities celebrated the birth of Antun Branko Šimić, the famous Croatian poet. As part of the celebration, members of the Club, in cooperation with high school students, conducted a workshop titled “He appeared and disappeared like a meteor.” The Club also participated in the 38th International Book Fair in Zagreb, at which all the members could share their experiences and professional literature with colleagues from the University of Zagreb.
Shortly after founding the Club, they made an agreement and started to cooperate with the Croatian National Library “Kosača,” where various workshops and chat rooms with pre-school, primary and secondary school children were organized.  
One of the most important and ongoing activities of the Club is cooperation with the portal Treć and the Third radio station. Some members of the Club proofread the articles which are published on the portal, and others are dedicated to recording the weekly literary and language sections that are broadcast on the radio.
The Club also conducted a survey on how familiar students are with Croatian language and literature at University level. It was held in Mostar and all the students could test their knowledge of their mother tongue in a fun and useful way.
Furthermore, the Club has organized literary and cultural evenings at the University and in city cafes where students are able to enjoy the work of their colleagues.
The most important activity was the organization and realization of the project called ''Days of Croatian Language and Literature,'' which took place from May 23-25, 2016. The project offered an abundance of activities related to language and literature. The members of the Club welcomed distinguished professor Ines Carović and Phonetics and Croatian Studies students from the University of Zagreb, who organized workshops and phonetic transcription exercises which are not included in our curriculum, but are of great importance for future teachers and speakers. They also presented methods of reading other languages, discussed preparations for job interviews, how to make speeches in a variety of situations and psycho-acoustic exercises. The members of the Club also prepared interesting lectures about the most famous writers from Herzegovina and they highlighted the importance of the work of Fr. Franjo Milićević, after whom the Club was named. 
The Club is fully prepared to cooperate with other clubs and associations, both at our Faculty and outside it. The Club is completely open and ready to be innovative and creative.
Club membership is open to all students who are interested in Croatian language and literature and who are willing to work and dedicate their time to promoting and preserving the Croatian language and cultural heritage. 
E – mail address of the Club: 
The Information Science Students' Club
The Information Science Students’ Club at the University of Mostar was formed in February 2016 with the idea that through active participation in the community, students can be given the opportunity to promote information and communication science. We organize different projects, activities, workshops, forums and conferences through which we develop ourselves, but also offer our services to our colleagues in order to attain the best possible understanding for this study. We develop everything we learnt during our academic education through practical work and we try to contribute as much to our colleagues and all who are interested. ISSC can be thought of as a place of connection and friendship among fellow students in order to develop social skills and cope in the information society. Through our activities we also aim to actively influence the quality of studies, uphold the rights and interests of students and contribute to the promotion of Information Science. In a year’s work we have achieved excellent cooperation and activities, and students have shown great interest. The club welcomes all students of the Faculty of Humanities and Arts who are interested in this field of science.
The current president is Anita Kralić, a third-year undergraduate student of Information Science, and a new committee is expected to be elected in late May. 
Some significant dates: 
Book Day: April 23.
Internet Day:  October 28.
Social Networks Day: June 30.
Death of Božo Težak: May 16.

The Journalism Students’ Association PRESS

The Journalism Students’ Association PRESS was established on March 3, 2016, the day also marked as the anniversary of the student portal ''Treći''. Along with the presence of the dean, professors, assistants and students of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the inaugural ceremony was further dignified by the Acting Director of Croatian Radio-television, Siniša Kovačić, and his lecture on "Pluralism in the Croatian media''. The Association has over 80 members, not only journalism students, but also other students who wish to participate in the promotion of journalism as a profession. PRESS is the place that has all the preconditions where students can, in a massive and organised manner, fight for their education, professional integrity, and thus the integrity of journalism as a profession. It introduces students to the practical world of journalism and, by doing so, recognizes those who carry with them passion and love, while also desiring knowledge, practice and skills. The association cooperates with the student portal, radio, television, and the regional media. PRESS also collaborates with other associations at the University, in particular those closely affiliated like the Public Relations Association, as well as with other organizations and institutions in the local community, and a variety of media, with the aim of establishing support and cooperation in gaining practical experience for its members. The aim of this cooperation is to prepare students for the free labour market, with the coordination, support and cooperation of the staff and employees of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the University of Mostar.

The Association has conducted numerous projects to date. One of them is the educational and professional visit to Podgorica (Montenegro). Radio ''Treći'' is part of a network of student radio stations of South Eastern Europe, which holds seminars twice a year to arrange program exchange, along with ideas and experiences. Upon establishment of the Association the first was held in Podgorica. The participants were not only students but also representatives of the Student Union of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, which certainly contributed to the promotion of the Faculty Student Union and the University. PRESS is hosting another international seminar in Mostar which is of great significance. Students visited Zagreb and the Croatian Radio-television, the largest public broadcasting media in the region, as well as the Parliament, the Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović and the Minister of Justice Ante Šprlje, with the aim of getting students to know the world of journalism and bring them closer to the functioning of the press as the fourth estate. All activities of the Association are important for practical study and contribute to the education of young journalists, but also to the promotion of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the University of Mostar. Any student eager for practice, knowledge and skills can be a member of PRESS.




The History Students’ Association “Filip Lastrić”


The History Students’ Association “Filip Lastrić” is a club whose members are primarily students of History at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the University of Mostar. However, membership is not limited to students of History: all students who are interested in history and are able to contribute to the work of the Association are welcome to join. The Association is named after the father of Bosnian and Herzegovinian historiography, Filip Lastrić.

The Association was formed and presented to the public on March 25, 2015. The first president of the Association was Zoran Kolobara, Maja Begić and Ivan Bokšić were the first vice-presidents, and Marinka Barbarić was the first secretary of the Association. At the beginning of the 2015/2016 academic year, the Association held elections. Ivan Bokšić was elected as the new president, Valentina Ujević and Antonio Petrić as the new vice-presidents and Mladenka Medić as the new secretary.

The Association was founded with the purpose of establishing better communication between the students of History, enabling cooperation in research and determining historical truth, as well as exchanging experiences and knowledge. The goals of the Association are clearly defined: connecting students of History, promoting history as a science, promoting scientific research among students, organizing panels, meetings, and lectures, organizing field trips to places of historical importance, marking anniversaries, cooperating with museums and the archives of Bosnia and Herzegovina, maintaining international cooperation for the purpose of doing historiographical research, etc.

In its work to date, the Association has accomplished its set goals. It has improved communication among the students of History, helped organize numerous lectures, field trips, quizzes, debates and other events, the most important being the First International Conference of Students of History “Magistra vitae,” which was held in Mostar from the 5th to 7th May 2016 and gathered more than 50 students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, and Poland.



The Psychology Students’ Association


The Psychology Students’ Association ”Mentalist” was founded in October 2016. After a two-year break, it has been revived and is currently in the process of registration. It has about 60 members. All current Psychology students have the opportunity to become members while former students can become honorary members. The executive board of “Mentalist“ consists of the following members: president Toni Jandrić, two vice-presidents Ivana Papac and Ivana Bunoza, secretary Dijana Majić and treasurer Martina Vučić. Some of the goals of the Association are: promotion of the importance of mental health, fighting against the stigmatization of mental disorders, promotion of psychology as a profession, and enabling students to gain experience through practice. All suggestions, enquiries, and reviews, both positive and negative, can be sent to our Facebook page or e-mail address:


The Social Work Students’ Association


The Social Work Students’ Association Zamfis was established in 2010, initiated by the Social Work students of the University of Mostar. Regardless of the study group, any student from the University of Mostar can become a member. According to the Statute of the “Zamfis” Association, only Social Work students who are members of the Association can be elected to the functions of president, vice-president and secretary of the Association.

The goals of the Association are:

-          Active care for student rights and freedoms and the improvement of the students’ social status;

-          Cooperation with students’ associations, organizations and initiatives of Social Work studies, as well as with other studies;

-          Commitment to the improvement of the teaching methods at the Faculty and scientific-expert training of the Social Work students;

-          Organization of fundraising events;

-          Development of volunteerism and the encouragement of young people, especially students to volunteer;

-          Commitment to respect and promotion of human and civil rights and freedoms, to social justice, democracy, gender equality, religion and culture, as well as to helping socially disadvantaged people;

-          Encouragement of projects whose goal is compatible with the goals of the Association.

The current leadership of “Zamfis”:

-          The president of the Association: Romana Vukman, first-year graduate Social Work student;

-          The vice-president of the Association: Marijan Tustonja, third-year Social Work undergraduate student;

-          The secretary of the Association: Dajana Mikulić, second-year Social Work undergraduate student.