The Student Administration Centre is where students encounter a high education system for the first time. The Student Administration Centre performs all the administrative tasks concerning students. It:

- receives and processes all applications for entrance examinations

- enrols students into the first and subsequent years of undergraduate and graduate study programmes

- maintains records of exam applications and results

- reviews student records

- publicises undergraduate and graduate dissertations

- issues transcripts of grades and certificates confirming student status

- receives and processes student requests

- maintains records of every student in the Student Registry

- maintains records of graduate students in the Graduate Registry

- prepares graduation ceremonies

- maintains a record of the theses, mentors and committees of undergraduate and graduate dissertations

- registers students into the University ISS system

- registers undergraduate and graduate dissertations into the ISS system

- issues degree supplements

- prepares and enacts decisions on the recognition of exams in the ISS and student’s book

- corresponds with ministries, universities, agencies and other institutions

- participates in the organization and execution of University Open Days

- organizes and holds the graduation ceremony for graduate students at the Faculty branch in Orašje

- enters the exam terms for the Faculty branch in Orašje into the ISS

- performs activities concerning alterations in student status, study groups, etc.

- compiles reports for the needs of study programmes and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in general

- archives all the documentation pertaining to its domain.



Weekday: 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. – 3 p.m.



Phone: 036/355-404

Phone/fax: 036/355-504




Phone/Fax: 031/717-196



Danijel Korać, M.J – student administration manager

Manda Juričić, B.J – student administration assistant manager

Marija Miličević, LLB – senior clerk for student matters

Anita Lončar, LLB – student administration clerk

Renato Grgić – student administration clerk

Katica Buntić – clerk for the Faculty ISS system

Jelica Mašić – clerk for student administration in Orašje