English Literature Results 12/7/2023

The following students passed their exams and have achieved a passing grade on their respective courses:


Dunđer, Ivona 

Knežević, Ana

The Fairy Tale Then and Now

Krivak, Maja

English Literature from Beowulf to Neoclassicism

Džeba, Ivan

Kardum, Klara

English Literature from Romanticism to Today

Boras, Ante

Brekalo, Marin Luka

Čuljak, Ante

Nujić, Ivan

Pavlović, Ines

Pejić, Petra

Vasilj, Hrvoje

Vasilj, Nina

Popular Fiction

Šantić, Vinko


Pavković, Tina

The final grades have been entered into the ISS system.

Students who failed to pass the exam should come and see me about their exams during office hours before the fall exam terms (Mondays and Tuesdays, 2-3 p.m.). Anđelka Raguž, asst. prof.

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